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Event Photography

Let's get all your precious memories for your event captured by our group of professional photographer. The difference between event photography and instant photo booth is that, event photographer will be moving around your event venue to capture all the candid moments. Uhh-huh, you'll be surprise by how good our photographers are

"Even cats can't resist our camera!"

"Awww.. caught in act! *shy*"


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Surprise your guests by giving them each an additional souvenir to bring home. 


We will get their table-shot photo printed and delivered to them personally. Everyone will receive a copy each. Perhaps, you might want to include a simple border to make it more complete.


Real life. Real memories. Real emotions. Even the most shy person on earth can't escape from our camera. 


We have a dedicated team of professional photographers to provide event coverage for any kind of events. Birthday parties, wedding, corporate D&D, award ceremony, graduation shoot... and the list goes on. Both indoor and outdoor shoots are available.


After the event, we will do basic editing of the photos to ensure all photos are in good quality. All photos will then be return back to you.

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