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Selfie Booth

Very similar to instant photo booth! Just that they do not have to queue for it, they can take photo anywhere and anytime using their mobile phone (support either play/app store). You do not need any photographers onsite, your guests will be their own photographer :D

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A Short Video Clip to show how it works:


How it works:

1) No backdrops / Props needed (but we can still prepare it for you if you need). 


2) On the day of event, all you need for selfie booth is : Mobile phone (andriod/ios) + your beautiful smiles. (:


3) we will distribute leaflets for instructions from downloading the app to printing it. No technical set-up required. 


4) Connect to a wireless router (we will provide instruction on the leaflets) and start taking photo


5) Once satisfied with the selfie/wefie, press print !


6) Collect your prints at our booth 


7) Too awkward or too big a group for selfie/wefie, come to our booth and we can use our company devices to take it for you.

Selfie Booth is only available in 4R prints. Can only have 1 pose for each print... 

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