Instant Photo Booth

ShiokSnap aims to fulfill customer requirements to our best ability. Service before self is our motto. We provide transportation and the set up of the booth. This means that customers do not need to spend any time at all for the technical part of the booth. 




Before your event, we need some little inputs from you! All you need to do is tell us what you like or dislike!! 


Backdrop Selection: 



Dots & Stripes



**  Contact us to view the whole list of backdrops! **


Backdrop Add-On:

Thought of having something eXtra that symbolizes your party? Try out our balloon column now! 


We will customize the balloon column according to your requirement and it will serve as a backdrop for your photo booth. We are giving you that something eXtra and unique experience


The balloon column can be used as a decoration purpose at your venue too! People will drool over how grand your party is.

Template Selection:

Decide the size of your photo. 2R, or 4R? That’s purely up to you!


3 or 4 poses


 (wallet / Credit Size print)

1 pose only


 (half of 1 4R)

1 or 2 poses

Template Add-on:


Perforated 4X6"  (NEW)

This unique template has a 4x4-inch sized square prints (photo of your guests taken on the spot) and a 2x2" area that can be easily snapped off. 


To put it simply, once the photo has been taken, the prints on the left can be retain by your guests while the 2x2" area can be used for discount coupon, other promotional items or additional print sizes.

Normal Print (4R) 4X6" 

(1/2/3/4 Poses)




1hour package     - unlimited 4R prints

2hour package     - add $50 

3/4 hour package - add $80



Template Design :




Our in-house designer will be liasing with you on the design of the photo template. Our advice is to keep your design simple* as the guests should be the focus for the photo and not the other way round...


*Simple desgin refers to having an extra overlay border at the bottom of the template. And this usually includes the event's name, date and/or a logo. No other advance designing skills (cropping, cloning etc) required.


Green Screen Technology


Nothing changes, but only green backdrop allowed. AND.... we will be able to take you anywhere you want!


Using state-of-the-art photographic technology, we are able to bring your guests to Paris, Europe or even into ocean! The Sky’s the limit!





Template Design Add-on:


Advance Design


For more advance designs, an addtional $50 has to be added to the flat rate.


Templates on the left show some examples of more advance design



- All pictures are strictly for illustation purposes only. 

- All add on required additional fees and these fees are subjected to changes due to promotions/season period.

- All add on prices is charged based on the date of event's confirmation.

- To avoid dispute, ShiokSnap shall be the sole individuals to decide whether a design is simple/advance

- T&C subjected to change without prior notices

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